I Wanna Be The Very Best Fitness Challenge Adventure

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I Wanna Be The Very Best” – Join the hottest fitness challenge, handpick your character, conquer distances, and collect medals. Begin your quest to become the very best today!

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Purchase this item and get 220 Mad Points - a worth of £2.20

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Welcome to the “I Wanna Be The Very Best Fitness Challenge Adventure,” the latest addition to our extraordinary series. Are you ready to start your collection and bid farewell to the couch? Get ready to embark on an incredible fitness journey filled with excitement at every turn.

With “I Wanna Be The Very Best Fitness Challenge Adventure,” you have:

  • Flexibility: Choose your character from a diverse roster of over 20 options.
  • Personalization: Set your sights on conquering the distance that’s right for you and earn a well-deserved medal.
  • Variety: Explore a wide array of challenges, ensuring there’s something to suit every fitness enthusiast.

Join the ranks of over 250 enthusiastic participants who have turned ‘I Wanna Be The Very Best Fitness Challenge Adventure’ into the hottest challenge on our platform.

The ultimate question now is: can you rise to the challenge and earn them all?

Seize this thrilling adventure, push your limits, and accumulate a series of achievements.

These accomplishments will leave you feeling on top of the world.

Start your journey today and become the very best in your fitness narrative!


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Make your Selection - The Best: No selection

Vaporeon (10 Kilometres), Glaceon (Half Marathon), Sylveon (Half Marathon), Umbreon (Half Marathon), Flareon (10 Kilometres), Gengar, Ghastly, Charmeleon (10 Kilometres), Charizard (Half Marathon), Haunter, Eevee (5 Kilometres), Jolteon (10 Kilometres), Pichu (5 Kilometres), Pikachu (10 Kilometres), Raichu (Half Marathon), Bulbasaur (5 Kilometres), Ivysaur (10 Kilometres), Blastoise (Half Marathon), Squirtle (5 Kilometres), Wartortle (10 Kilometres), Venusaur (Half Marathon), Charmander (5 Kilometres), DeadChu, MarioChu (Free Choice), The Incredible Pikachu

Activity Selection: No selection

Crawl, Swim, Walk, Jog or Run, Cycle, Machines, Mixed

Distance Selection: No selection

5 Kilometres and Under, 10 Kilometres, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 50 Super Miles, 100 Mega Miles


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