Gen 1 Kanto Gym Badge Set

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Master the Kanto region with this Gen 1 Pokémon Gym Badge Pin Set. Perfect for trainers and collectors, these pins unlock the nostalgia and power of the Indigo League. Claim yours now!

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Embark on the Indigo League Adventure

Start your journey with a collection that is essential for every Pokémon trainer — the Gen 1 Kanto Gym Badge Set. Each badge is a testament to your skill and a key to unlocking your Pokémon’s full potential.

Pewter City’s First Challenge: The Boulder Badge

Authority: Brock, with Flint, Lola, and Forrest also known to present this badge.

Badge Design: A durable gray octagon.

Badge Perks:

  • Activates the Flash ability outside of battle.
  • Boosts your Pokémon’s Attack stat.

Navigate Cerulean Waters: Earn the Cascade Badge

Authority: Misty, with occasional appearances by Lily, Daisy, and Violet.

Badge Design: A calm, light blue raindrop.

Badge Perks:

  • Enables the use of Cut in the field.
  • Secures obedience of Pokémon up to Level 30.

Vermilion City’s Electric Showdown: Claim the Thunder Badge

Authority: The dynamic Lt. Surge.

Badge Design: A radiant gold star with an orange center.

Badge Perks:

  • Grants the ability to Fly outside of battle.
  • Increases your Pokémon’s Speed stat.

Celadon City’s Floral Emblem: The Rainbow Badge

Authority: Erika, the nature-loving Gym Leader.

Badge Design: A flower with petals in the colors of the rainbow.

Badge Perks:

  • Permits the use of Strength outside of combat.
  • Ensures Pokémon up to Level 50 will follow commands.

Fuchsia City’s Stealth Test: The Soul Badge

Authority: Janine, inherits the role from Koga.

Badge Design: A courageous fuchsia heart.

Badge Perks:

  • Surf can now be used everywhere.
  • Improves your Pokémon’s Defense stat.

Saffron City’s Psychic Battle: The Marsh Badge

Authority: The insightful Sabrina.

Badge Design: Two entwined gold circles.

Badge Perks:

  • Guarantees obedience from Pokémon up to Level 70.
  • Enables the use of Rock Smash in certain situations.

Cinnabar Island’s Fiery Trial: The Volcano Badge

Authority: Blaine, the master of fire-type Pokémon.

Badge Design: An inferno-shaped emblem.

Badge Perks:

  • Raises Pokémon’s Special stats.
  • Waterfall becomes accessible in select scenarios.

Viridian City’s Ultimate Test: The Earth Badge

Authority: Giovanni and Blue, with Agatha featuring in the anime series.

Badge Design: A badge that signifies growth and foundation.

Badge Perks:

  • Commands unconditional obedience from Pokémon.

Journey’s End: A Trainer’s True Test

The journey to collect all Kanto Gym Badges is one of growth and challenge. These badges represent milestones in your training, each offering unique advantages that guide you on the path to becoming a Pokémon Master. Embrace your journey — the League awaits!

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