Awaz FM Virtual Challenge

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Join the Awaz FM Virtual Challenge and make an impact with every step! Conquer upto 300 miles in this exciting event. Get your well-deserved medal and be part of a rewarding journey that supports causes. Lace up and start the adventure!

Purchase this item and get 200 Mad Points - a worth of £2.00
Purchase this item and get 200 Mad Points - a worth of £2.00

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Embark on the Awaz FM Virtual Challenge

Discover Your Potential

Choose Your Distance

This challenge is all about personal choice and flexibility. Here’s how you can tailor the challenge to your fitness level:

  • Beginner’s Trek: Aim for a comfortable distance that challenges you without overwhelming you.
  • Intermediate Journey: Step it up a notch for more of a challenge, perhaps half of the full distance.
  • Ultimate 300: For seasoned athletes, set your sights on the full 300 miles.

The Reward

  • Earn Your Medal: No matter the distance you choose, you’ll earn the exclusive Awaz FM medal.
  • Personal Triumph: Celebrate your commitment to health and personal well-being with every step you take.

No Fundraising, Just Running

It’s All About the Run

  • No need to fundraise or support a cause unless you choose to. The focus is on your personal fitness goals.
  • Enjoy the pure joy of running, walking, or jogging on your own terms, at your own pace.

Ready, Set, Go!

  • Sign Up: Join the challenge by signing up and setting your personal goal.
  • Track Your Progress: Monitor your miles and watch yourself get closer to that medal with each run.
  • Celebrate: Cross that virtual finish line and celebrate your incredible achievement.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and see how far you can go with the Awaz FM Virtual Challenge? Lace up and let the adventure begin!

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Crawl, Swim, Walk, Jog or Run, Cycle, Machines, Mixed

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5 Kilometres and Under, 10 Kilometres, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 50 Super Miles, 100 Mega Miles


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