Super Smash Series Fitness Challenge – Iconic Character Medals

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Get ready to level up your fitness game with “The Super Smash Series” – conquer iconic character-themed medals and showcase your achievements on the ultimate shield. Become the fitness champion you were destined to be!

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Purchase this item and get 200 Mad Points - a worth of £2.00

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Unleash Your Inner Champion with The Super Smash Series Fitness Challenge

Transform Your Workout with a Gaming Twist

Are you a fitness enthusiast and a gaming fan? Get ready to power-up your workout routine with ‘The Super Smash Series Fitness Challenge.’ It’s not just a workout; it’s a quest to collect ten exclusive virtual medals inspired by the legendary Mario universe.

Here’s Your Adventure Awaits:

  1. Merge Gaming Passion with Fitness Goals: Immerse yourself in a fitness challenge that’s as exciting as your favorite video game.
  2. Set and Smash Personal Records: With each challenge designed to test your limits, push beyond boundaries to achieve new fitness heights.
  3. Collect Unique Medals: Earn medals that are more than just bling; they symbolize your hard-earned victories and milestones.

Exclusive Incentives of the Super Smash Fitness Quest

Benefits You Can’t Miss:

  • Engaging Fitness Regime: Combine the thrill of gaming with the adrenaline of exercise for a full-body workout experience.
  • Goal-Driven Success: As you progress through the challenges, each step brings you closer to your ultimate fitness objectives.
  • Rewarding Achievement System: Celebrate your commitment with character-themed medals that piece together to form the ultimate shield of honor.

Special Features for Gaming Enthusiasts:

  • Innovative Exercise Integration: Experience workouts that resonate with the dynamic energy of the Mario universe.
  • Motivational Milestones: With each medal representing a fitness achievement, stay inspired to keep moving forward.
  • Showcase of Triumph: Display your comprehensive shield as a proud testament to your dedication and triumph in the fitness realm.

Begin Your Journey to Fitness Glory

Embark on ‘The Super Smash Series Fitness Challenge’ and let each stride, lift, and stretch unlock the power of your favorite characters. Sign up now to jumpstart your fitness journey and celebrate every milestone in style.

  • Join the Quest: Sign up and step into a world where fitness meets fun.
  • Chase the Medals: Complete each challenge and collect all ten character-themed medals.
  • Build Your Legacy: Assemble your medals on the ultimate shield and showcase the emblem of a true fitness champion.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? Let ‘The Super Smash Series Fitness Challenge’ be the start of your fitness transformation. Power up, play on, and prevail!

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Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Bowser, Koopa Troopa, Wario, Waluigi, Super Smash Shield

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Crawl, Swim, Walk, Jog or Run, Cycle, Machines, Mixed

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5 Kilometres and Under, 10 Kilometres, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, 50 Super Miles, 100 Mega Miles


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